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Edgewater Fullscope’s CRM Administrator Training Program is a structured, four-stage course for administrators and super-users, and has been developed for customers that quickly want every last drop of value from their CRM platform. We call this course our ‘Black Belt’ training, we use the martial arts metaphor as attendees are awarded colored belts in recognition of successfully completing each level of the program. These courses include:

ADMIN COURSES: Blue Belt,  Purple Belt,  Brown Belt,  Black Belt

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administrator
Training Courses

The Black Belt Training Program

The Black Belt CRM Administrators Training Program consists of four levels. Each level is conveniently and cost effectively delivered online via our LMS and is designed to encourage a real-world learning experience. All of our Black Belt training is taught by CRM Consultants who use the tools and techniques you are going to learn everyday implementing CRM for our customers.


Who is this course for?
CRM Administrators looking to refresh and expand their knowledge of CRM.

What does this course cover?

  • An introduction to components within your CRM system that can be configured
  • An exploration of organization and user management, how to set up different groups and users
  • Set up user rights for accessing only appropriate data within the CRM system
  • Configure basic forms and basic views
  • Set up and manage various types of Information Audit features


Who is this course for?
Blue Belt graduates, existing customers looking for a more in-depth look into advanced configuration of CRM.

What does this course cover?

  • Developing custom entities within the database and creating relationships with other data
  • Creating custom forms for generating workflows or reports
  • Implementing advanced search and find capabilities
  • Managing different types of information with the use of Views, Charts, Dashboards and Reports


Who is this course for?
Blue Belt and Purple Belt graduates, exciting customers looking to take their skills to a more advanced level.

What does this course cover?

  • CRM data management techniques and how to maintain the integrity of your data
  • Integrating data from your various other systems, such as ERP applications, into Dynamics CRM
  • Replicating CRM data safely to provide access to offline data
  • Advanced data management and integration techniques


Who is this course for?
Blue Belt. Purple Belt, and Brown Belt graduates, existing customers looking to take their skill to a more advanced level and become a CRM Grand Master.

What does this course cover?

  • Automated process management to enable the development of sophisticated workflow processing
  • An introduction to the advanced capabilities of Dynamics CRM including portal customization options and integration with Sharepoint Server
  • An introduction to xRM (integrating management solutions to enable specific business strategies) and expanding your CRM investment outside the initial functions of marketing, sales and customer service management


The Fullscope CRM University curriculum is constantly reviewed and updated to keep you fully in control of your solution and protect your investment in competitive advantage - because winning may be perfection, but its practice that makes perfect. Call or send an email today for more information.


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