Our CRM Expertise Applied to Your Individual Requirement

Edgewater Fullscope is a Microsoft Dynamics specialist with broad experience in solving industry business outcomes.

As your organization identifies the key Business Outcomes you desire, Fullscope will provide you with a head start by leveraging industry specific solutions to facilitate a rapid time to market and path to achieving your outcomes.

Industry Expertise
  • Fullscope became an extension of our project team which meant the implementation was seamless. This has been the best CRM deployment I have ever been involved in. We liked everything Fullscope were saying. They immediately understood our business challenges and the need for a fast turnaround. Ultimately, I’ve been able to shift the focus of my time from being reactive to proactive.

    James Fleming
    James Fleming Victrex

Delivering the right flavor of CRM for your business

All organizations are different, defined by industry, geography, culture and their own unique business strategy. Different organizations have specific requirements and Microsoft cannot help every customer which is why their strategic Partners have such an exact implementation role to play.

Fullscope has acquired the reputation it has, within the Microsoft global network, for configuring business processes and personalizing Microsoft Dynamics implementations for over a 1,000 satisfied customers purely based on needs defined by industry.

Our experience working in core verticals, including CRM for Manufacturing, means Fullscope has significantly developed its own IP, configurations and templates to fast-track every Microsoft Dynamics implementation to your specific needs, business rules and reporting requirements. Our fixed fee, virtual deployment ensures time to live production is quick and return-on-investment is fully optimized to your business objectives.


    From Factory Gate to Marketplace - Making CRM and ERP the cornerstone of your business platform for agile success.

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    Ready to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a personalized professional demo? Contact Fullscope today and start the conversation.

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    O'Neal Steel implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM and quickly realized significant ROI. Increased growth and reduced response times were just the beginning.

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