Marketing Coordinator-Entry-Level/Recent College Graduate

Region: US (Alpheretta, Georgia)
Reporting to: Regional Sales Manager

Roles & Responsibilities
Assist with planning Fullscope & Zero2Ten events

  • Register people as needed for Convergence, WPC, AXUG, CRMUG, and other Microsoft events, manage processes/changes, registrations and invite lists
  • Research locations (restaurants for events, hotels for meetings)
  • Ship pull-ups, booth, anything that needs shipping
  • Create nametags for events if required
  • Pick up items we need for events, take items to the printer
  • Create/Update Event Spreadsheets
  • Ship winner’s gifts or customer gifts
  • Research giveaways and make recommendations
  • Be responsible for the creation of any menus, posters, name badges and the coordination of printed materials required
  • Add events to the Fullscope website
  • Assist with Fullscope CSO Webcasts and Training programs as needed

Assist with the execution of Fullscope and Zero2Ten marketing programs

  • Manage the physical returns from direct mail programs
  • Assist with webcasts as needed
  • Make required CRM updates based on return label information
  • Add webcasts to Fullscope website
  • Assist with Zero2Ten customer and prospect marketing programs as needed
  • Assist in other ways within CRM, Marketing
  • Assist with Microsoft reporting and communications for Fullscope and Zero2Ten
  • Keep PSX opportunities current (ongoing)
  • Maintain customer references in VOICE – customers have to be kept current for reference purposes. 1) existing reference customers must be renewed annually. 2) As customers go live, ask each one if they will be a “reference” on the internal Voice system (ongoing)
  • Ask for quotes for PinPoint from satisfied customers (on going)

Manage Internal Content on SharePoint/NEON

  • Prepare suggested framework for sales and marketing materials on NEON, inc literature, PPTs, competitive information, analyst reports, and more
  • Move existing items over
  • Add new materials as they become available
  • Add materials to the CRM library as needed for use by Inside Sales
  • Assist with miscellaneous tasks
  • Add new Fullscope and Zero2Ten employees to AXUG & CRMUG so they receive the daily emails
  • Monitor inventory and order items for new customer care kits
  • Coordinates sales meetings
  • Schedules conference calls

Timely, smooth execution of events Timely reports Well-organized meetings Well-stocked marketing inventory levels Updated documents where they need to be, accessible by all.

Four-year degree Excellent organizational skills. Must be detail oriented Proficient PC skills, including knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel.


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