Edgewater Fullscope, formerly Zero2Ten, was founded and is led by a group of professionals that have been at the forefront of the CRM movement since the early 90s.  The leadership team is the strategic management unit that puts you, the customer, first. It is the brain-power behind a thousand cost-effective implementations and the knowledge that drives value from Microsoft Dynamics. Learn more about the Edgewater Fullscope management team here

  • Paul Colella
    Paul Colella

    Paul is a senior vice president of Fullscope and leads Fullscope’s global CRM business. Under Paul’s lead, Fullscope CRM has become a member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle and a multi-award winning organization. Paul was previously co-founder of Zero2Ten, where he drove CRM product innovation and user adoption across the business utilizing his two decades of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics. Paul previously founded Equarius delivering CRM solutions for Onyx Software, Siebel and Microsoft.

  • Ryan Casey
    Ryan Casey

    Ryan is a managing director of Fullscope and holds overall responsibility for the Fullscope CRM consulting team. He was co-founder of Zero2Ten. A seasoned CRM & ERM solutions consultant who, following years at Customer Effective (now Hitachi Solutions) and ERM Information Systems, is now responsible for the success of Fullscope CRM’s unique deployment methodologies. Ryan’s cool and calm approach is unrivaled in his ability to problem solve strategic issues for organizations and deliver amazing CRM outcomes for them.

  • David Kohar
    David Kohar

    David is a managing director of Fullscope and leads the Fullscope CRM Solution Architecture Team helping clients create their vision and shape the Business Outcomes that they will achieve through our solutions and technology. David has an extensive track record within the CRM marketplace and has been involved in the CRM industry since it began. His knowledge has established him as a leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. David leads Sales Support, Corporate Adoption Programs and Solutions for prospective and current customers.


  • Adam Spurr
    Adam Spurr

    Adam is vice president of sales for Fullscope and holds the overall responsibility for the Fullscope CRM sales organization. Adam is a unique sales professional, regularly described as driven, energetic and determined. Adam has built a reputation within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM global team as a sales leader who truly understands the needs of customers and how to help them use CRM to gain competitive advantages in their industries. Adam’s previous successes include Outsoucery, DSGi PLC, Daisy Plc, Energis Plc and PTC.

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