Information – The Lifeblood of the Enterprise

Timely access to critical information separates the winners from the losers in today’s information economy. Yet all too often employees fail in their quest to obtain the information they need. The amount of time wasted in futile searching for vital information is enormous, leading to staggering costs to the enterprise.

  • 44% of the time employees can’t find the answers they’re looking for.
  • 61% of employees have to regularly search four or more systems for the knowledge they need.
  • By 2018, the rapid creation and retrieval of relevant knowledge will be a key attribute of leading enterprises.
That's the Challenge - What's the Answer?

Microsoft Dynamics Employee Self Service will enable your people to find the answers to all of their questions anytime, anywhere and on any device, boosting productivity and helping to cut costs in the process. Watch our demo to learn more, access replay.

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