Learn more about the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and see how it can help you to take the very best care of your customers.

Field Service
Field service is an end-to-end solution that delivers advanced scheduling, inventory tracking, and asset management for service depots and highly-mobile, in-field specialists fulfilling work orders and providing preventive maintenance across multiple sites under complex service agreements. This includes:

  • Characteristics and proficiency ratings
  • Detached schedule support
  • Shared resources across Project Service and Field Service
  • Out-of-the-box business process
  • Mobile enhancements

Project Service
Project service capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer an end-to-end solution that empowers organizations to deliver professional engagements on time and within budget. Project Service helps you:

  • Estimate, quote, and contract work
  • Plan and assign resources
  • Enable team collaboration
  • Capture time, expense, and progress data for real-time insights and accurate invoicing

Self-service Portals
Portals allows organizations to extend their Dynamics CRM Online engagement scenarios with self-service profile management capabilities and configurable design components. Out-of-the-box portal solutions include:

  • Customer portal
  • Employee portal
  • Community portal

In the modern era of selling, it is even more critical for salespeople to find the time for building deeper customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM now includes new features that will enable sales teams to find more time and sell more.

Guided user navigation
An in-app experience that delivers live, interactive and scenario-based guided tasks and sidebars that are personalized to the user-context making onboarding new users quick and easy to drive business user productivity.

Increase sales user adoption and productivity with rich, context-sensitive guidance for onboarding, what’s new, and frequent sales related tasks such as lead management embedded directly in the web and mobile apps.

Engage customers one-to-one across channels, build your sales pipeline and demonstrate the impact of your marketing investments in real-time.

Digital asset management, publishing and security
Easily maintain, copy and share digital assets with collaborators as you develop, prepare, and approve a information for use.

Email marketing 
Create designs that combine a variety of one, two and/or three column layouts of varying widths and styles.

Create marketing segments based on email behavior
Marketers can create dynamic lists (queries) that find contacts based on their email interaction history, and then use these lists to target new marketing campaigns.

Expanded OData feeds and activity log for marketing analytics
Utilize an expanded collection of available feeds to provide new types of event data (including equipment requests, equipment bookings, staff, and speaker assignments) and marketing components (such as printed materials).

Discover social insights about your brand, products, and services
Analyze sentiment and identify customer intentions with the power of Azure Machine Learning. Also, automatically create records for cases and leads in Dynamics CRM based on these intentions, all with the power of Microsoft Social Engagement.

Forums, Instagram, and blogs 
Listen for posts and comments from forums, discussion boards and Instagram including the ability to monitor individual accounts and gather geolocation data.

Publish and engage/reply with photo and share posts
Reply with a photo when posting to Facebook and Twitter. You can also share any public post in Microsoft Social Engagement as a link on your social profiles.

Intelligent social
Automatically detect intentions in social posts. Adaptive algorithms allow for customization of tagging and intention detection based on business requirements.

Social CRM
Automatically link posts matching your filter criteria to CRM entities such as cases and leads. Identify and route customer issues on social media to your service department as cases.

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