Enhancing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Our add-on solutions for Sales Teams have been designed with direct input from our Sales Leaders to give you additional sales intelligence, that is not available in the ‘out of the box’ functionality of CRM.

Through our extensive experience of over 1,000 CRM deployments, we’ve developed our Sales Solutions to ensure you get the maximum return from Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you would like to learn more about any of these solutions please contact us for a demo.

Pipeline Analysis Solution

Formerly Sales Analysis Solution

Gain powerful metrics and analysis from the sales pipeline within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Edgewater Fullscope’s Pipeline Analysis Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow your sales managers and leaders to monitor, track and analyze their team at every stage in the sales cycle in real-time.


Your sales wins, revenue and losses can be analyzed at the individual level against the time taken at each stage of the customer interaction.

And when your sales teams understand the insight you have, this will contribute to greater transparency in the sales process and aid collaboration and productivity.

Our solution provides insightful feedback to help make the sales team more effective. It reveals, among other metrics, which team members are taking longer to qualify opportunities, who spends longer on deals that are not won and who is too optimistic or pessimistic in forecasting the true value of their opportunities in any stage of the sales cycle.

Pipeline Snapshot Solution

Formerly Opportunity Snapshot Solution

Track and compare progress of opportunities in your sales pipeline.

Fullscope’s Pipeline Snapshot Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes snapshots of opportunities at determined dates chosen by you in your pipeline. The data is presented visually in CRM (Dynamics 365) views, charts and dashboards, allowing you to see how your pipeline has changed and moved.


In addition to just identifying how the pipeline has changed we also track and log the changes to the pipeline and analyze them as they happen. This solution gives you detailed analysis that helps you to measure sales growth, a must have solution for any Sales Director/Manager/Leader.

Forecast Accuracy

Taking the guess work out of how accurate your sales team is when providing Pipeline Reports is critical for Accurate Forecasts

The Fullscope Forecast Accuracy Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides trending information for how accurate your sales team is in forecasting their opportunities.


Based on the sales teams pipeline or looking at an individual deal that a sales representative is forecasting, the Forecast Accuracy Solution was created to primarily answer three questions:

  • How likely are they to win the deal?
  • How likely are they to win it in the time frame they have forecast?
  • How likely are they to win for the amount they are forecasting?

Net Promoter Score Solution

Track which areas of your business are thriving by focusing on customer loyalty and customer retention

Fullscope’s Net Promoter Score Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a metric for assessing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It allows you to manage the NPS process within Dynamics 365, tracking the NPS survey, calculating the score and creating follow-up activities for your promoters and detractors.


Fullscope will help you to increase customer satisfaction when the Net Promoter Score Solution is used as part of a CRM strategy, by offering insight into how your customers think. With this data within Dynamics 365, you will be able to drill down on the results across any criteria by region, rep, product or service.

Long Term Sales Forecasting

Accurately track and act on real data intelligence

Fullscope Long Term Sales Forecasting Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to view sales forecasting accuracy across products and periods. Drill down to individual customers or sales reps from your bespoke dashboard view to get more specific data on their performance.

Lead Qualification

Customize your lead qualification process

The Fullscope Lead Qualification Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) allows the records created by the lead qualification process to be customized, either as a system-wide default or on a record by record basis for end users. Lead qualification can create all three possible records—contact, account, and opportunity—or any one or more of the possible records.


Define approval processes and checkpoints

The Fullscope Approval Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a framework for implementing approval processes for specific records that meet defined criteria. This solution enables approval processes of variable complexity, from a single approver to multiple, multi-step chains depending on the attributes of the record in question.


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