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A couple months ago, I started building my iPad so that I would be completely mobile with my business and productivity tools. I have achieved my goal, but I use the iPad all day whether I am mobile or in the office. I have added some tools that make this a must have device even in my office. Here’s the latest on my discoveries:

Dashboards are great! A month ago CWR Mobility added CRM2011 Dashboard support to their mobile app. It was easy to turn on and they look great on the iPad. At Zero2Ten, we have 12 dashboards (about 48 business metrics) and I can look at them all. These are all system dashboards for our organization to share. CWR will also support your personal dashboards. For example one of our Account Directors has built her own dashboards for her use and those come through on CWR too. Right now CWR dashboards do not support drill –through or grid views yet, but it’s a great start!

Take Note on this one! Ok that’s a cheesy intro, I know. For a few weeks I have been using Penultimate for taking notes. I don’t like typing notes during meetings and I can fill up a lot of notepads. So I switched to handwriting my notes on the iPad with this App. Wow – I didn’t realize how fast I would adopt this tool. I grew comfortable writing with a stylus quickly. But even better, my hand-written notes became easier to review and organize with Penultimate. With the app, I can look at 20+ pages of notes on the screen at once. I’ll use different colors to highlight follow-ups, etc., so these stand out well. You can drag pages and keep related topics together. And you can share your notes via email. You can log these notes in CRM. See this blog from Margaret Wise on how to do this >>

Signing PDF Agreements We are all sending contracts to each other in PDF format. But then we print them out, sign, scan and email back. Go get PDF Expert and you can sign them on your iPad. This app is designed to let you add notations, etc. on PDFs. They have optimized the signature process, so it’s easy to add your signature to an agreement. It will even remember it, so you just have to tap and insert. You can email the updated document right from the app. This is very cool!

Tasks and Reminders The recent iOS update for v.5 added Reminders to my iPad. My Outlook tasks are sync’ing with this app. It’s good to see Apple moving in this direction. I missed this capability when I moved from the BlackBerry to the iPhone/iPad. I have been using IMExchange2 and I still will. I like their UI and capabilities. But if you want a free reminder process for the iPad/iPhone, check out Reminders.


I enjoy the feedback I get from everyone on apps. I have a running list of more apps to check out. So there is more to come. Stay tuned…


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