Red Rover, Red Rover, send Susie Right Over! Add Users/Licenses to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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Here’s a riddle.
Red Rover: Excited School Kids as CRM Deployments: Profitable Teams 

What do I mean? Maybe at first you were worried about “going to the other side.” Migrating to our Zero2Ten CRM user family from whatever team you were on – Excel, ACT, SFDC – may have been scary. Do you remember in in Red Rover when you did get to the other side, though, you probably pretended to be mad you had to join the blob (but were secretly having fun)? As you adjusted, you wanted others to join the team, too. You got on board with the new team 125%.

Similarly, we hope now that you’re in the Zero2Ten CRM user family you’ll commit to working strategically and leveraging our expertise in Adopt2Win (have you seen it yet?) to get the most out of the partnership. You don’t have to pull all the weight on your own! Working smarter, with our resources and your expertise from hundreds of deployments, you can pull down more wins than ever before. Let’s get some more folks on this team and keep up the practice!


  • Salespeople can work together on opportunities and
    talk about

    how to close certain deals… instead of asking what deals exist. Improve lead allocation, sales coaching, or amount of deals per rep.    
  • You can segment your customers to market smarter… instead of just feeling lucky to get a newsletter out the door at all. Improve marketing.    
  • See CRM is a heck of a lot more powerful and fun
    (yes, I said fun)… when you are all working together.
    Enhance collaboration.          

    Add Users to your Team.
    Your billing administrator can follow these steps:
  1. Subscribe for Additional Licenses* in CRM Online
    – Red Rover, Red Rover
  2. Assign the Licenses to Users by Inviting them into CRM – Send Susie right over! 
  3. Leverage Adopt2Win and get the most out of CRM to improve your business – Win the game    

Go team,
Your Adopt2Win Program Manger

*Adding users for CRM Online is the same price as you originally subscribed for and is very simple. Unlike with a cell phone provider, this does not alter your standing agreement or extend service agreement period (your renewal date remains the same).

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