3 Tactical Tips to Improve Customer Experience for Professional Service Firms

Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience.


Why Your Current Customer Experience Won’t Work

4 ways today’s buyers are unique.


Cloud-Based CRM: The Beating Heart of your Organisation

Using The Power of Connected Data to Drive Efficiency


Competing in the Digital Age of Manufacturing

Transform business processes with Industrial IoT capabilities

Your Roadmap for a Digital-First Business

Learn how to digitally transform your business to meet the changing needs of your customers.

Resource management for CRM for Dynamics 365

This white paper provides awareness about the features of CRM for resource management and project service automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Drive Manufacturing With the Power of CRM

This white paper shows new and innovative ways manufacturers are using CRM to help exceed sales goals, strengthen and grow customer relationships and build a stronger, more efficient company.

More Power to You

Making better and faster business decisions with Microsoft PowerBI. Learn why the power of intelligent reporting and analysis is no longer something reserved for the select few.

Manufacturing Trends

This whitepaper explores current manufacturing trends and asks whether Microsoft Dynamics CRM could well be the game changer in who wins an order – and who does not.

The ROI of everything CRM

This white paper aims to support the business case for CRM. We don’t focus on how much money CRM could save you, rather how much more money could be earned in relatively short timescales…

From Factory Gate to Marketplace

This white paper sets out why CRM and ERP can be the cornerstone of any business platform where supply chain and complete customer insight allows for agile success, by retaining, repeating and growing revenues.

Take the Next Step with Dynamics CRM

As a Microsoft customer, Dynamics CRM is a logical step that is good for your people and your business…

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