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This is a very common question from our customers just starting out with CRM. Simple as pie:

1) Navigate to CRM Options in Outlook. For Outlook 2011, you can get there by clicking on the File tab in the top, left corner.

BONUS TIP: Get familiar with the Options area. You can use this to control all sorts of data flow (number of records per page, synching time interval, forms you’d like to use by default, currency, personal preferences, etc.). These settings can influence User Productivity – see Top 10 User Productivity tips here.

2) Navigate to Synchronization, and then hit the Shortcut to “Outlook Filters.” There wasn’t always a shortcut – this is even easier in v2011!

3) Select “My Outlook Contacts” as the items you wish to edit, filter. Notice other items can be changed here – Activities, Calls, Tasks, Faxes. After you check a box, you’ll be taken to the Advanced Find tool, which you may use to sort the Contacts you would like to show up in your Outlook.

4) From this shortcut, you can select and filter the same way you normally slice and dice the data with Advanced Find! There is no “right answer” for which Contacs to synch. Pick whatever makes sense for how you normally communicate with customers. For example, highly mobile salespeople often choose to have all their contacts synch (so they have everyone’s info on-the-go), while others only need to see customers on current deals, existing accounts, etc.

5) When done, hit Save and close previous windows. Happy selling!

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