• Moving from to Dynamics CRM is saving us in the region of $105,000 per year. That’s a lot of money to put back into improving customer service and delivering more value. By choosing to work with Fullscope we saved $29,000 on implementation cost alone. Considering our project manager and Fullscope were working remotely, the whole process was incredibly smooth. There were no problems at all with migration and integration. It went so smoothly that I wondered if people were actually using it.

    Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Element Six
  • Fullscope became an extension of our project team which meant the implementation was seamless. This has been the best CRM deployment I have ever been involved in. We liked everything Fullscope were saying. They immediately understood our business challenges and the need for a fast turnaround. Ultimately, I’ve been able to shift the focus of my time from being reactive to proactive.

    James Fleming
    James Fleming Victrex
  • Having worked on various deployment projects at O’Neal Steel over the past 25 years, I can honestly say Fullscope provided one of the most comprehensive consulting and technical delivery services I’ve experienced. Implementing CRM provided total visibility on all customer information and freed up huge amounts of selling time as a result!

    David Goff O’Neal Steel
  • The virtual delivery methodology was exactly as described in the sales process, and adoption assurance post go-live meant that both Fullscope and ourselves focused on the business outcomes SICL wanted to achieve.

    Gary Saunders SICL

Professional Services

  • The business case is very simple; I got payback in the first hour I switched to Dynamics CRM. The two things that really worked for me were the tight integration with Outlook and the fact that it was web-based and would always be available and up to date. I was spending 10% of my time supporting ACT! Now that the employees are working in Outlook, they’re completely at home with CRM and they’re actually using it!

    Nalin Parbhu Infuse Consulting
  • We chose to work with Fullscope due to the price, contract flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability/expertise of their staff.

    Chris Bradley PMI
  • CRM has made it easier for my team to prioritize where to spend their time. Adoption was critical and now we have everyone using CRM in the sales organization, we keep adding new capabilities to help the team be more productive. We selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM because it would be the most intuitive solution for our team to adopt. We selected Fullscope because we wanted a partner who would ensure that we stay focused on how to leverage CRM to make our team more productive, not just come in and implement features we thought we wanted.

    Brian Moriarty
    Brian Moriarty General Cable
  • My push to go Dynamics was largely for financial reasons but I knew it would also be the catalyst for updating the whole shooting match. Fullscope were willing to strive for the tight timeline and had experience of moving other companies from Salesforce. Fullscope’s commitment to the process was excellent. They really stepped up to our challenge and I can’t say enough about the team’s hard work.

    Andrew Borowski
    Andrew Borowski MSX International
  • Fullscope really dovetailed with our company – they were dedicated and very motivated professional folks that really had life in their eyes. They were clearly excited about their company and about making this project work for us. The feeling from our entire staff is that Fullscope is head and shoulders above any other vendor we’ve used. It’s the result of two key principles – quality of service, and the consistent ability to deliver results.

    Steve Cassell Command Investigations
  • We selected Microsoft CRM because it would be the easiest solution for our team to adopt. We selected Fullscope because we wanted a partner who would be excellent at balancing business process while optimizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution.

    Beth Duncan Consolidated Container Company

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