The Case for Non-Commissioned Sales

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I always believed you couldn’t call yourself a sales rep if you didn’t have a quota. Recently, I’ve been rethinking this position after encountering a few sales teams without quotas. In a very counter-intuitive way, you can possibly create a stronger sales culture with a different point of view.

An organization can create a culture of sales that tasks everyone across the board with the responsibility of lead generation and additional revenue from clients. Goals should be a key part of this with both individual accountability and team performance in this area. This can be a great tip regardless of you manage your sales team. You can track this in CRM by creating a lead source or campaign for each employee and be able to track client referrals or personally generated leads through their network. By assigning and measuring these goals, you can create a more pervasive awareness that we are all sellers. This also spreads more awareness of customer satisfaction to ensure the ability to get these referrals- one of the easiest sources of new business.

Finally, this can also create a more profitable approach to gaining new clients with a focus on who best fits your ideal customer criteria. The focus becomes ‘this will be a great client for us’ and not ‘I will sell to them because they have money and I have a number to hit’. Imagine the analogy of hiring someone who comes to the interview and says they are there because they want a job- any job vs. the candidate who is truly looking for the best fit for the long term. Who would you want to work with?

Does everyone on your team share some level of responsibility for sales? If not, think about ways you can encourage this behavior in your organization.

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