The Customer Supply Chain in Manufacturing

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As a manufacturer, you likely have ERP in place to manage the supply and production aspects of the business, from planning, supply-chain management and procurement to finished goods inventory and finance. Connecting supply to demand can sometimes be left to a combination of disconnected reports in an attempt to get an accurate view of what needs to go through the factory gate.  

To get CRM and ERP implementations working together potentially requires a whole load of data management and transformation. Seamless integration on a single cloud enabled business platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can and will remove data-point disconnections. As a result, the platform can fully automate common operational processes right across the business – from R&D to service and support. The simple unification of data accuracy and the 360⁰ insight that will align production output with the behavior and propensities of the customer base and the wider market, will allow organizations to sell more to existing customers and increase reference sales to new clients.

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