The Sky’s the Limit for Horizon Discovery

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Horizon Discovery Group is a gene editing company providing products and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as serving as a leading academic research institute in their field around the world.

Solutions help Horizon scale:
Since its inception, Horizon has been growing both sales and revenue at a rapid pace To support this rate of growth, the company wanted to ensure that they had the technology solutions necessary to scale without having to make large headcount increases which would have an impact on bottom line. Horizon’s critical business information was housed in five disperate legacy systems and the business needed to have a consolidated view of this data to make informed business decisions. Dr Jürgen Harter VP, Information Systems says “It’s better to have the right systems in place first before making unnecessary staffing decisions. The CRM and ERP solutions we are now putting in place fit that bill and will allow us to do more with less people”.

Horizon’s sales teams had previously struggled with accessing meaningful information regarding previous customer conversations across the enterprise. By now having this information consolidated in a solution that is easy to use and quantify, the entire team can more effectively work together towards the common goal of winning business and satisfying their customers. CRM has given the entire Horizon team visibility they never had. Salespeople and developers are now proactively teaming with the company scientists which has led to an increase in both the quantity and quality of proposals being produced. This increase in collaboration during the sales cycle has also led to a higher degree of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that often went unnoticed.

Better Decisions with Better Information:

Horizon’s finance department previously had to work for weeks to produce the quarterly sales forecast. Information previously had to be manually extracted from several systems only to be reassembled in a consumable format can now be instantly accessed in real time from the company dashboard in CRM. There is truly “One Version of the Truth” with respect to key company KPI’s for all the executive team to assess. This has streamlined executive conversations about who’s numbers are right, and focused the discussions on how to drive improvement across the organization.

Intelligent Marketing:
Having integrated marketing capabilities that are now tied to customer and pipeline data is proving to be a big win as well. CRM provides the marketing team with increased visibility on customer interactions from their website as well as other digital marketing campaigns. Having this information fully integrated with customer and pipeline data allows Horizon to identify behavioural triggers while workflows automate the appropriate responses from both marketing and sales. Elaine O’Brien, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, says “We’ve had huge increase in our digital visibility and certainly an increase in our conversion for the e-commerce side of our business. Our outbound email marketing is more behaviour driven which has resulted in more meaningful content in our customer’s hands at the right time”.

Empowering Horizon for Success:
At the outset of this initiative, the Fullscope CRM Team began the journey with a clear understanding of the business outcomes that were driving the need for the engagement. Elaine O’Brien, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce says “It felt like a true partnership with Fullscope from the beginning and continues today as we work towards the outcomes we set out to achieve”, she added “One of the main benefits that Fullscope brought to us is their extensive expertise of having worked across lots of different industries and different company types”. Fullscope brought new perspectives on problems that helped Horizon look at things through a different lens, and Fullscope’s philosophy of staying focused on the business outcomes agreed at the onset of the initiative kept the entire team pointed in the right direction.

The Intelligent Cloud in Action:
With all the hype about what is possible leveraging the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud, Horizon is an organization that is putting their money where their mouth is. Having a common user experience across their entire business application and productivity suite is driving adoption across the enterprise. Leveraging the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud including CRM, AX and Office365 will have a real impact on the future of Horizon, and in their words “The Sky’s the Limit”

Watch Horizon share their CRM story and learn more about Horizon’s AX story.

Natasha Spurr
Natasha is an experienced CRM professional with a unique ability to work across both marketing and sales functions. As CRM Marketing Manager at Edgewater Fullscope, Natasha has helped the organization to achieve multiple global partner awards and leadership status across the UK and beyond.
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