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There’s a reason we have the expression “time is money.” This is especially true for someone in sales. For a sales person, there are only two types of time: selling time and non-selling time. Time spent on the non-selling activities such as meetings, travel, training and various administrative tasks are costing your sales people and your company a lot in lost revenues.

How Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Rescue you from Time-Killing Tasks

  1. Keeping Track of Emails – Finding emails in your inbox or sent items, copying the text, going to your contact system and copying, adding notes and so forth. With Office 365 and Dynamics CRM you can easily track all sent, received and forwarded emails within one familiar interface.
  2. Managing Supporting Documents – Locating the most recent, appropriate document then attaching it to your record in your contact system, then later replacing it with an updated version. With Office 365 and Dynamics CRM you can leverage SharePoint documents and hyperlinks to be assured that you always have the latest versions for easy access and use.
  3. Scheduling Upcoming Tasks – Just negotiating a date and time for future communication with a customer can eat up valuable time. If you have to flip between your emails, your calendar and your contact system just to confirm an appointment this quickly turns into an even bigger time killer. With Office 365 and Dynamics CRM you can accept appointments with one click and all entities record the appointment for you.
  4. Converting Prospects into Opportunities – Creating a sales lead in your pipeline, writing the descriptive narrative, anticipating the time to close and revenue estimates can be complicating if your compiling info from multiple sources. With Office 365 and Dynamics CRM you can create an Opportunity record with one click from an email or a lead entity.

How much are time-killing tasks affecting your business?  By reducing time spent on non-selling tasks you’ll see an increase in time spent on selling, which leads to more sales revenue. To learn more about the benefits of integrating Office 365 and Dynamics CRM join our live webinar on October 23rd.

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