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Corporate Sales Productivity Series

Our Solution Architect Team at Zero2Ten assembled a list of the Top 10 Corporate Productivity Scenarios that our customers get the most value out of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

From this list, we put together The Corporate Sales Productivity Series
which is
a 1 hour interactive session and demonstration for Sales and Marketing Leaders looking to improve overall sales performance using best practices and the latest Cloud technologies including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,
InsideView and ClickDimensions.

Zero2Ten is leveraging their experience of working with over 500 Cloud CRM Customers to deliver you this Series that will highlight how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help you and your organization achieve better Sales Productivity.

Come join us for an interactive 1 hour session as we demonstrate how to get the most business value out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

David Kohar
David has an extensive track record within the CRM marketplace and has been involved in the CRM industry since it began. His knowledge has established him as a leading expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. David leads Sales Support, Corporate Adoption Programs and Solutions for prospective and current customers.
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