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If you have been through the Zero2Ten Learning Lab Series you’ve heard me stress that you should know exactly what you trying to achieve before you begin your implementation. It’s important because if you don’t know why you are going through the process it is easy to get lost in the bells of whistles of the software and end up with a really “cool” solution that drives very little real value, or revenue, into your organization. The key to victory here is to think through your strategic, operational, and tactical objectives and then use CRM to drive the behaviors that will lead to accomplishing them.

So suppose your objective is to increase your sales in the next quarter – do you know the levers in your process that you can pull to make that happen? Here are some possibilities:

  • Increase the number of leads that are added to the top of your sales funnel
  • Increase the number of outbound calls your team makes to these leads
  • Increase the number of leads that are qualified and converted into opportunities
  • Increase the number of opportunities that you win
  • Increase the revenue per sale

While CRM cannot “make” the numbers go up, CRM can help you define targets and track results for these and hundreds of other KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). By making your progress visible in an easy to understand graphical format for everyone you will provide daily motivation, improve your user adoption rates, and dramatically increase the possibility of meeting your objectives. Now that I have your attention . . . . Let’s walk through the process of creating a KPI in CRM from scratch.

Example Scenario:

We have decided that we should set goals and track the number of calls that are made – increasing this number will equate to more leads which starts the chain of events that result in more sales. Calls are defined as Phone Call Activities that are “Marked as Complete”. The date that a phone call “counts” is based on the Actual End date that is system generated when a call is marked as complete.

Create a Goal Metric


In CRM navigate to Sales Goal Metric and click on New in the upper left hand corner.

Name: No. of Phone Calls

Metric Type = Count


Define the Rollup Field(s)


With the Goal Metric form still open, click inside the sub-grid beneath Rollup Fields and click Add New Rollup Field in the upper left hand corner.

Rollup Field: Actual Integer

Source Record Type State: Completed (Only tracks phone calls that are Marked as Complete)

Record Type: Phone Call

Date Field: Actual End

Save and Close

Save and Close the Goal Metric

Create a Goal


Navigate to Sales

Goals and click on New

Name: Phone Calls This Month

Goal Owner: User

Goal Manager: Users Manager

Goal Metric: No. of Phone Calls (The one we made)

Goal Period Type: Custom Period (Fiscal Period is based on Fiscal Settings in Settings Business Management Fiscal Year Settings)

From: Start of Measurement Period

To: End of the Measurement Period

Targets: Goal for number of calls this period

Save and Close



All that’s left is for you to create some phone call activities and then close them using “Mark as Complete”. When you’ve added a few, navigate back to Goals and look at the views and charts that are available without doing any additional customization. Make sure to hit the Recalculate button on the ribbon to update your numbers (CRM does it automatically but only every 24 hours by default).

Now imagine a dashboard full of charts that allow you to align your teams actions with your company objectives on a daily basis.

That which gets measured, gets done! – Peter Drucker (I think)


Patrick Lewis
As the Director of Business Outcomes and CRM Success, Patrick has more than 25 years in customer relationship management. He’s worked across Manufacturing, Professional Services, Sports, and Financial Services industries. Patrick’s primary areas of focus are organizational change management, and business process.
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