Update: Replacing my laptop with my iPad – Making the simple stuff work!

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So I had to change the software mix on my plan, a little, so I could work effectively with Sharepoint. Originally I tried SharePlusLite, but I had to upgrade to the premium version SharePlusPro http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shareplus-sharepoint-mobile/id364895421?mt=8 . It is very easy to use and the configuration was simple like an app should be. The Lite version lets you look at documents, but you cannot edit. In the process of learning how to edit a Sharepoint document on the iPad, I discovered that Numbers isn’t compatible with SharePlusPro when it comes to editing a document in SharePlus. From SharePlus you can open the document in Numbers and then save your work. But if you want to open, edit and update that document in SharePlus you need another app like DocsToGo http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/documents-to-go-premium-office/id317107309?mt=8 . DocstoGo has two versions: Office and Premium. Office works with Word and Excel. Premium is supposed to work with PowerPoint too. I choose that one to cover all my applications. In fact, I haven’t purchase Pages yet and I may not now that I have DocsToGo. In fact, I like the DocsToGo spreadsheet interface better than the Numbers user interface.

I also added the GoToMeeting app. http://www.gotomeeting.com/fec/images/pdf/GoToMeeting_iPad_Fact_Sheet.pdf This is a useful app for attending meetings. You can’t host from your iPad.

I have some work to do with our CWR Mobility model. Our configured data model works for what you need on a smart phone, which is typically just looking up Contacts, Companys, Opportunties, basic stuff. But now I want to look at all our business development and services information, etc. So we need to push that custom configuration to the CWR configuration model. Also we have built our own Expense tracking in CRM, and we can push that too. Imagine entering an expense on the fly from your phone or iPad! So this is a work in progress.

More to come, Stay tuned…


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