Updated Solution Release: Replicator Enterprise Version for Microsoft Dynamics

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Make a local copy of your CRM database in a secure and simple way.

Fullscope’s Replicator Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) is an enterprise-grade data replication tool designed to enable businesses to simply and securely maintain a selective or complete local copy of their Dynamics 365 database for backup, reporting, or integration applications.

About the Release

Fullscope has released version of the Replicator Enterprise Solution, available at no cost to clients with current maintenance agreements for this solution.

Improvements in version include:

  • Delete option tracked via change tracking. For this to work, change tracking needs to be turned on for each entity.
  • Fields that were created after the replicator was installed are now being replicated as well.
  • New GUI so configuration is no longer done by directly editing text files.

Please note, previous releases of Replicator are not compatible with Dynamics 365 (CRM version 8.2), and will cease functioning if not updated prior to upgrading. All clients using Replicator are urged to update as soon as possible to prevent possible interruption of processes.

Installation Notes

Clients using versions prior to license key implementation will need to be issued a license key. Please contact your account director for licensing questions and key issues.

Once a key is on hand, the install procedure is as follows:

  1. Download the new archive file.
  2. Extract Replicator to a new location on the server hosting the old version.
  3. Copy the config file to the new location.
  4. Edit the config file and add the following line:

<add key=”deleteRecords” value=”False” /> to run as previously, or <add key=”deleteRecords” value=”True” /> to delete records in the duplicate database if the corresponding record is deleted in CRM.

  1. Move the SQL connection string to the sqlConn key under appSettings:

<add key=”sqlConn” value=”[connection string]” />

  1. Test the new instance and verify correct function.

Support and issue reporting for this solution is handled via the Adopt2Win portal. The Adopt2Win solution support area can be accessed here. If you have a current maintenance agreement but do not have an Adopt2Win login, please contact your account director or contact us here.

Evan Flower
After seven years leading CRM engagements as a Solution Architect, Evan moved into product development, leveraging his deep knowledge of CRM functionality to grow Fullscope’s solution inventory and implement a robust IP development cycle.
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