Updated Solution Release: User Adoption Solution Version 3.1.1 for Microsoft Dynamics

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Fullscope’s User Adoption Solution is a key part of our overall user adoption strategy and process, allowing clients to track user activity on a broad range of activities.

About the Release

Fullscope has released version 3.1.1 of the User Adoption Solution, available at no cost to clients with current support agreements.

Improvements in version 3.1.1 include:

  • Fixed view criteria in Active User Activities Last 7 Days
  • Fixed plugins and SDK Messages not included in solution version
  • Changed plugin impersonation to remove dependency on a Fullscope user license
  • Changed to asynchronous process to eliminate long save delays
  • Updated to Dynamics CRM 8.2 (Dynamics 365)
  • Updated numbering convention
  • Added companion sitemap

This version fixes a number of known issues, as well as bringing this solution in line with our current standards. This update is recommended for all clients experiencing any performance issues (slow save times), permissions issues, or plugin errors.

Installation Notes

Please log an Adopt2Win ticket to request the latest solution file. Once the new solution file is on hand, use the solution import wizard to upgrade to the latest version. The same install file can be used to upgrade or to perform a clean install.

  1. Go to Settings > User Adoption Configurations
  2. Delete all configuration records (you may export these first and import them after upgrade)
  3. Go to Settings > Solutions
  4. Click Import in the ribbon
  5. Click browse and locate the new solution file and click next twice to advance two steps in the wizard
  6. Select overwrite customizations unless you have made modifications to the solution. If you have made customizations, select maintain customizations. Leave the Enable SDK Steps box checked and click Import.
  7. Go back to Settings > User Adoption Configurations
  8. Re-create (or import, if you exported in step 2) your configuration records
  9. Test some of the tracked actions and verify User Adoption Activity records are being created and updated.

Support and issue reporting for this solution is handled via the Adopt2Win portal. The Adopt2Win solution support area can be access here. If you have a current maintenance agreement but do not have an Adopt2Win login, please contact your account director or contact us here.

Evan Flower
After seven years leading CRM engagements as a Solution Architect, Evan moved into product development, leveraging his deep knowledge of CRM functionality to grow Fullscope’s solution inventory and implement a robust IP development cycle.
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