User Experience, a Key Theme in the Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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User Experience

User experience is one of the top five themes of the new Dynamics 365 release, available July 2017.

Through this theme users will gain a unified interface. This is the focus of unifying the user experience across all devices. Along with this feature highlight, there are some updates that reduce white spacing, add text wrapping and improve styling.


There are 11 key areas of improvements when using Dynamics 365 on a mobile device, if you’d like to see Dynamics 365 demonstrated on a mobile device take a look at one of our mobile demo video’s HERE. The improvements revolve around the interactive dashboard, activity timeline, optimized navigation, responsive lists, office integration, device integration, and more. These updates are making mobile a primary experience for many users.

The introduction of the timeline feature combines activities, posts and notes in a single view. It also includes the replacement of the social pane/activity wall on Legacy Web Client and Timeline Control on ISH.


The Interactive and Web Client Dashboards are both receiving enhancements as well. Users can create Interactive dashboards for all unified interface entities, gain improved usability, and a cleaner, lighter theme that is easy on the eyes. The Web Client dashboards are now supported in the CSH app. Each dashboard node in the site map can have a distinct default dashboard of any of those two types.

The last feature is a refreshed Web Client User Interface. It includes borders around containers and uniform spacing, proper visual hierarchy with clipboard structure, word wrap for fields, empty states, intuitive input fields stylings with a dashed line for input fields, intuitive styling of tabs, standardized fonts, and theming capabilities.

User Experience is extremely important and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures that their users are getting the best with the new release.

There are 24 features and enhancements coming in the new release that are going to have a great impact on our customers, for the full list read our blog 5 Key Themes of the Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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