Ways to Use CRM for HR and IT

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The question of extending CRM beyond sales, marketing and customer service has been a frequent topic lately for me with clients and prospects. I’ll often use the question of ‘what else in your company gets tracked in excel spreadsheets?’ We all know there are lots of them floating around and here are a few ideas you might not have thought of yet.

IT Asset Tracking- It is a very easy configuration to add asset tagging to either a user record or to create an Employee entity or an Asset entity. This allows IT to easily search on the ownership of laptops, tablets, peripherals, phones, and other assets that may be provided by the company. This is important for turnover, theft and insurance purposes as well as simple capital tracking.

IT Case Management– Many organizations have someone internal they call for IT help. CRM has case management built in, so you already own help desk software. Your IT team can use this to track internal request as easily as external customer requests. They can easily be tagged as employee or internal request and increase your time and resource tracking. Some companies encourage their employees to log their own tickets and even use this for change management to track requested enhancements to CRM.

HR Benefits- CRM is a great way to track employee benefit information. You can create an Employee entity with benefits tracked or create a Contact Type= Employee to segment.

HR Support– HR typically has a steady flow of questions and requests which in CRM= Cases. You can create a case type for HR specifically and track questions, claims and even vacation requests. It’s easy to use the security module to lock down access to this area and can really increase important tracking and reporting for your HR team.

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