When Does It Make Sense to Consider Third-Party Email and Marketing with CRM?

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We are frequently asked by clients, especially small to mid-sized companies that are in a growth mode, when it makes sense to consider expanding beyond Out-of-the-Box (OOB) marketing built into Microsoft CRM and into third-party solutions. Our answer typically focuses on the following considerations:

Email Send Volume: Is your monthly email send count getting into the thousands? This may sound like a lot to a small business, but if you have hundreds of unique contacts, email sends can add up quickly.

HTML or better visual editing tools: Do you need to have better templates and more control over the visual impact of your marketing content? Are you looking to provide your marketing professionals the tools to create sophisticated and unique content?

Better Tracking: Is marketing being asked to provide better metrics to measure the effectiveness of your investment in different campaigns and your success reaching different audiences and market segments? Are you measuring unique opens, click-throughs, which pages on your website your mail recipients visit and for how long, what they forward or “like,” and whether the prospect requests information or downloads?

Social Media: Are you leveraging social media to reach your current and prospective customers? Do you want this effort connected to your overall knowledge of your prospects and contacts in your CRM?

Forms and Landing Pages: Do you want your marketing professionals to be able to create unique web forms or landing pages that can tie directly into your email campaigns without having to work with your outside web developer?

Prospect Quality Management: Do you want marketing to provide better intelligence around lead quality before forwarding opportunities on to the sales organization? Do you want to better manage the nurturing of your clients and prospects as you develop them into new customers or customers that have a broader, deeper business relationship with your company?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to several of the questions above, it is time to start evaluating an investment in a quality marketing automation solution.

For those who answer “yes” to the majority of the questions listed, Zero2Ten has partnered with SilverPop’s CoreMotives, a worldwide leader in marketing automation, to provide you an affordable solution that integrates directly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can grow with your enterprise.

See the following link for customer testimonials about how CoreMotives helped them achieve their business objectives: http://www.silverpop.com/marketing-products/coremotives/video-testimonials/

Contact me directly for more information on how Zero2Ten can help you meet your goals: jef.allen@zero2ten.com

Jef Allen
Jef is all about customer success. He’s been in the technology field for over 20 years and has worked nearly every aspect of the business – from implementing, to helping customers navigate through tricky technology selection processes, to executive management. Jef has found his sweet spot in caring for Fullscope CRM customers.
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