Why Oh Why Can’t I?

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Why can’t I sell more? Why can’t I get more leads? Why can’t I get better leads? I know- I’ll get a CRM system! Failures of CRM are not system failures, but failures to recognize CRM as a tool, a culture, a strategy. A colleague recommended this video to me and I watched it today and it was a clear articulation to me of what CRM can support successfully in a company and what it can’t. This video references the ‘Golden Circle’.

WHAT (do we do) HOW (do we do it) WHY (do we do it?) In this model, you start with the What and How and you use CRM to help you track what you are doing… but most companies never make it to the WHY. But flip this around and it looks like this.
WHY (are we here every day?)
HOW (do we make that happen) WHAT (the end result) When you look at it like this, CRM becomes the tool, the culture, the strategy to support the WHY.

One more example: If someone asks me what I do everyday in the first example I would say ‘I help people set up and use CRM’. Not that exciting. In the second example (and I say this!) ‘ I save businesses by helping them use tools to be better than their competiton’. Now that’s something worth working toward every day!

I recommend taking 18 min to watch this video. http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html

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